As posted on Infinity book store looks like an endless tunnel of books

Imagine an infinite row of books as far as your eye can see.

This bookstore and library in Yangzhou, eastern China, has transformed its space into an endless space of books, with some clever mirror trickery.

Zhongshuge, which roughly translates to Bell Book Loft, is part of a chain of bookstores with two other locations in Shanghai and Hangzhou. 

Its interior was designed by Shanghai studio XL-Muse Architects, which took inspiration from Yangzhou’s famous waterways and stone bridges that were referenced by Chinese classical poets, like Li Bai, who lived in the 8th century, and Du Mu, from the 9th century.

Image: XL-Muse Architects

Image: XL-Muse Architects

Image: XL-Muse Architects

The idea was to be immersed in a “river” of books upon entering. The bookstore’s arched ceilings are reminiscent of bridges on a river:


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Zhongshuge’s Yangzhou branch has been open for a year, and was built on a former Qing dynasty park.


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The store’s kids section is different, stylistically. It’s a lively space with bookshelves that look like houses, clouds and hot air balloons, with a starry sky for a ceiling:

Image: XL-Muse Architects

给孩子的一片星空 真好呀#钟书阁

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This is truly a book-lover’s dream.