As posted on iPhone 2020: What the iPhone of the future will look like

If we asked you to close your eyes and describe an iPhone, the image in your head would be pretty clear.

It would probably look something like this: It’s a rectangle with rounded corners, with another rectangle — the display — on the front, a circular home button below the screen, a few more buttons on the left and right sides and maybe the top, and a charging port on the bottom.

There have so far been 15 different iPhone models, and they all fit that description. Some people might look at the iPhone’s relatively static design over the years and think Apple has stopped innovating. But if you take even the most cursory look at the power, features, and components of the original 2G iPhone and compare them to today’s iPhone 7, it’s hard to take that point of view seriously. Like all of Apple’s products, each new iPhone evolves on the progress of its predecessors.

Products only become iconic if they have memorable designs that stand the test of time, and the iPhone certainly qualifies.

Steve Jobs announced the iPhone as a “widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough Internet communications device” in January 2007, and Apple officially launched the first model on June 29, 2007. Ten years later, it’s undeniable just how revolutionary the iPhone was.

While this year’s “iPhone 8” (or is it the iPhone X?) is expected to come with some of the most dramatic changes to the iPhone’s overall design in years (and will no doubt sell like crazy), we’re even more excited for what’s to come by the end of the decade.

It’s with this unbridled enthusiasm that we set out to imagine what the iPhone in 2020 might look like. While it might have been more fun to project even further forward, we felt going past a few years out starts to become an exercise in wish fulfillment and an excuse to include features that are grounded more in science fiction than concrete mobile technology.

In creating our smartphone from the future, we took into account 10 years of iPhone innovation, current mobile trends, and all the credible rumors about the iPhone 8. Here is our prediction for iPhone 2020: