As posted on Graphene commercialization: past, present and future

This article provides an analysis of the past, the present and the future of graphene commercialization. More specifically, it will consider the diversity of graphene materials and prices on the market today. Next, it will consider the emerging application pipeline for graphene, demonstrating that many applications are in the late commercial prototyping and early commercial sales stage. The rapid expansion in global production capacity is then examined and its implications such as low utilisation rate as well as weak QA controls explored. The profitability state of the industry is then analysed, showing that the industry remains largely loss-making despite revenue growth across the board in recent years. The current size of the market is then estimated based on interviews with 40+ companies whilst a ten-year application-segmented market forecast is provided, giving our perspective on how the market will evolve in the medium- as well as long-terms.