As posted on 30 of the brightest tech innovations from the UK

The telephone

“Mr Watson, come here, I want you” were the first words ever transmitted via telephone. That was back in 1876 right here in the UK, and just look at where telecomms are now. Today we can contact our very own Mr Watson – or anyone at all – night or day, across continents in real-time. The invention of the telephone is one of the most innovative, revolutionary events of modern day – and as something quintessentially British it’s a homegrown invention that’s done wonders for the world.

World Wide Web

It’s hard to believe that the world wide web is less than 30 years old. Today’s teens know nothing of a life before the web, and that’s thanks to British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee. A graduate from Oxford University, Berners-Lee began his groundbreaking work while working at CERN in Switzerland, after noticing the difficulty employees had in sharing information. Creating HTTP, HTML and URI – now known as URL – Berners-Lee built the foundations of the web and watched its expansion across the globe unfold.

Raspberry Pi

A decidedly more modern invention than the radar or telephone, the Raspberry Pi computer is a fine example of British tech at its best. Disrupting education the world over by providing low-cost, high performance computers, Raspberry Pi allows people to learn in an interactive, intelligent environment that’s engaging for all. As the best-selling British computer, the Raspberry Pi has sold over 5 million of its single-board computing devices, helping communities in developing countries and beyond tackle the basics of computer science for less.